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lost of words


well girls, this is the kind of legs you can have by riding a track bike(read: fixed gear with huge ass crank!)... err yes, with high heels :p

Bicicleta Sem Freio


Bicicleta Sem Freio(Bicycle Without Brake?") are:Douglas de Castro,Victor Rocha andRenato Reno

well, i can't really read portuguese, but from what i translated from they described, "The principal illustrators of the bike without brakes is the universe of rock and roll, music, performance, visuals and "very fetish and beautiful women." The designs are handmade, with the pencil, pen and ink light table as big companions of the creation process. It is not hard to find songs that were drawn in full, including the printing of texts. Thus, often the computer is used to make work playable.

Together as bike without brake since 2005, preferring to wait for customers to seek the personal language of his works instead of panning the market. So, draw as they like and which meet the project needs.

Style "hair in the wind, we will see in what way!" from down the hill on a bike without brake, do not create expectations for the future. They want to do what they like and what can be proud. That have many slopes ahead!"

check more of their works on their Flickr

State of Mind



since when?


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so, is fixed freestyle something new?

Aero Bars


images from Braised Pork Foot's Blog

The wait for my new pursuit frame got me browsing for some aero-pursuit bars. The "aeRAD-bar" above is (from what i've seen somewhere) the super rare Nitto Tsubasa.

afterward, i've found this beauty on Hugger industry's Flickr

"Before time trial bars, custom builders would make you a TT bike like this. They were called "funny bikes" and had discs in the back with little wheels in the front. "

hhhhh..but then again,i'm just gonna go for the fairly available Nitto Rb 0021 pursuit bar

Francesco Moser Hour Record, Milano 1986


Francesco Moser on the hour record, Milano 1986

see more @ Bici Crono

F-'d up Sugino


from fixedgearbikes.blogspot.

the author said, "The story behind this is that the crank was tightened way too tight at the assembly plant from which Specialized gets it's Langsters. I stripped threads with a long wrench extension and then proceeded with a hacksaw.
The BB spindle is in excellent condition. Not a single scratch from the saw blade!"

im going to take care of mine better from now on