MASH SF with Lance Armstrong

My favourite crew, MASH SF bringing out their MASH destructive skills in Austin, Texas with7 times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong

i wish i could ride that fast here..

Kim Wilde- Kids in america


My morning ride song!

I love dust's illustration


found some really nice bicycle illustration by I Love Dust, UK
these arts are available here

Hellaflush thing...


from here

i've been seeing some guys from local car scene doing this kinds of builds around my town; loathsome rims, low, and interestingly, a bicycle rack!
the sightings has got me thinking into doing the same thing to my 2004 Volkswagon Golf(currently retired, what's with the fixie around :D) because i want to ride my bike elsewhere that is far, far away...

maybe, just maybe

Mosers(found variously on the web)


again with my pursuit fetish... beautiful.
and im wondering if "moser" has something to do with the classic road cyclist Francesco Moser..



noo, it's not about THE end of the world, and definitely not the end of me..
before im continuing with my writing, i want you so-called "Hipster" to braced yourself...


im not sure you're ready.. but i've read this article about "walmart fixie", the article is about a "fixie" that is (obviously, you'd already figured it out) produced by Mongoose(all you old-school BMX rider, ring a bell?) and is on sale on walmart... well, "sale" might be the right word, taken from the same site; "The frame is aluminum, which should make this bike lighter than many home-grown steel fixed-gears (although the shipping weight is a back-breaking 40-pounds. That must be a heavy cardboard box). It has two “calipur” brakes, and “high-profile colored rims” which “add urban style.”" and it's selling on $150

so what does this have to do with THE END?

a fixie, a hipster accessory, sold on walmart, for cheap--- imagine the uncoolness

Colnago Master Track 1979 Prototype


as i said to musterpiece, i will pledge my soul to the devil for this!

from here

Vans Supercorsa


found this looks cycling friendly @ Highsnobiety
well, this means... forget Vans Fixie i'd say



darn, im too far...

Joker's Daughter- Lucid video


Joker's Daughter- Lucid from Hayley Morris on Vimeo.

"A music video I directed and animated for Joker's Daughter. A collaboration between Helena Costas and Danger Mouse.

This video was completely handmade using painted paper puppets, painted backgrounds and actual objects which I animated frame by frame on a 6 level multi-plane." He said

well, the word "hand made" always sounds good to me!

more here


i declare this: "SUPER PORN"

Cadence Track Stand Variation

as you (might) already noticed, i hang out with Fixed Gear Congkak crew.. and if you watch my older post(their video), you'll see that most of them are trickster.
Me, im riding fixie just for commuting, speed is necessary as i ride kilo-metres away every day from home to campus and work.
the problem is, whenever i hang out with the Congkaks, all i can do is nothing but trackstand.
and so i caught myself browsing Youtube and found this..

3 Rensho Pursuit frame

i always have something for a pursuit bike!
a friend of mine from Fixie Congkak ride on a black pursuit tomashini and it got me browsing all day long on google, keywords: pursuit frames
i also have a certain fascination on 3Rensho frame's crazed geometry. too bad they don't produce no more..

now look what i found on the web..