Fixed Green Trailer

the Congkak/ South Beach queen is at it!
Let's keep Bandung Fixed Green!

Major Taylor's movie

well, it's not a trailer but since no cast or release date are pubished yet, might as well check on the official website for more info

Fixed Gear Vilnius


still from Inga.
after i told her that the kind of bike that im specializing in, she reffered me to the FGV blog.

it's a pretty nice spot they got in Vilnia. not to mention Lithuania is one of the country I'd like to visit the MOST!

From Lithuania

Inga, a friend of mine from last year summer school in German noticed my hiperness for cycling recently
the warm hearted soul showed me a video of... err, "Cinematic cycling experience"? i wish i know how to speak the tongue


this is an event from our architecture friends at Universitas Parahyangan, there's a nite ride afterwards.
looking forward to ride with our friends from Crank Arm Steady, Singapore.
see you soon.

Hub Review : ICE

hi! i've been riding for a few months and currently using a hub with ICE brand.
it's actually a 28h custom drilled to 36h, dunno whose the manufacturer.
what i know that it uses loose bearing, have one side for freewheel, and the other side is actually for a disc brake.

My current setup is 53t - 20t, it actually takes a toll on the hub. needs to be checked each month for cone adjustment . but over all, it is quite a good hub for daily use.

As you can see in the video, it doesn't roll like it used to.. hehe. :)
some people i know are using them for trick, and find no meaningful problem.
with the price range of 70k - 150k (depends on who you bought it from), i say it's a good hub.

So if you're just starting to ride fixed gear, from indonesia and reading this post, i recommend this hub.

Vitus Pursuit. indonesia punya.

Well people, guess what. a vitus pursuit was found on a storage building somewhere in indonesia.
built to be a track bicycle once again, with some great parts.

Frame : Vitus 979 Pursuit
Seatpost : Nitto 65
Saddle : Araya Shilpit R
Stem : Nitto 100
Headset : Campagnolo Brev Int
Bar : Nitto 400mm
Crankset : Dura Ace 7600
Pedal : MKS RX1
Front: Araya Super Aero 650c laced to Shimano 600 hub
Rear : Araya Disc

source :

The congkak - kicked spin/keo

Hi there, take a look at this video. and learn.

Dura Ace vs Campagnolo



Which one is better??

Bike lane? Why not car lane?


This is a proof how people in Australia consider about cycling..
You can find those picture on the bike lane..
Btw,why don't they put them on the car lane?

What the...


from here

no offense, im a fans of Rat-Rod kulture, BUT
DEAR GOD, Blessed were whoever owns this beauty..