Jordan's Frejus

here's one of the blog contributor's ride; 194-something Frejus Torino

MOARRRR please??
*ps: those front wheels.. you work in mysterious ways aren't ya?!

The Beatles...


seen here

did i miss this? Murder Of Couriers


more info

Vuelo Velo "1"


"Each Vuelo Velo is made specifically for its rider, so it’s the riding “you” do that matters. For your style, your strength, your weight, and of course for your body size.

We can design a bike with you, for you."

well, what are you waiting for?? go here!



do try and skip all the wedding invitation. i know the Congkaks are going to..
more info here (in Indonesian)

things missed out from the locals


Deddy's Bike Shop


so that when you come around town, make sure you visit the busiest bike workshop here

Colnago Museum


How Much Hipster Can You Pack In A Jazz


as seen here

Justice System- Summer in the city


a hot afternoon riding theme...

The Ultimate Super Brand


Know How

from here

lost of words


well girls, this is the kind of legs you can have by riding a track bike(read: fixed gear with huge ass crank!)... err yes, with high heels :p

Bicicleta Sem Freio


Bicicleta Sem Freio(Bicycle Without Brake?") are:Douglas de Castro,Victor Rocha andRenato Reno

well, i can't really read portuguese, but from what i translated from they described, "The principal illustrators of the bike without brakes is the universe of rock and roll, music, performance, visuals and "very fetish and beautiful women." The designs are handmade, with the pencil, pen and ink light table as big companions of the creation process. It is not hard to find songs that were drawn in full, including the printing of texts. Thus, often the computer is used to make work playable.

Together as bike without brake since 2005, preferring to wait for customers to seek the personal language of his works instead of panning the market. So, draw as they like and which meet the project needs.

Style "hair in the wind, we will see in what way!" from down the hill on a bike without brake, do not create expectations for the future. They want to do what they like and what can be proud. That have many slopes ahead!"

check more of their works on their Flickr

State of Mind



since when?


from here

so, is fixed freestyle something new?

Aero Bars


images from Braised Pork Foot's Blog

The wait for my new pursuit frame got me browsing for some aero-pursuit bars. The "aeRAD-bar" above is (from what i've seen somewhere) the super rare Nitto Tsubasa.

afterward, i've found this beauty on Hugger industry's Flickr

"Before time trial bars, custom builders would make you a TT bike like this. They were called "funny bikes" and had discs in the back with little wheels in the front. "

hhhhh..but then again,i'm just gonna go for the fairly available Nitto Rb 0021 pursuit bar

Francesco Moser Hour Record, Milano 1986


Francesco Moser on the hour record, Milano 1986

see more @ Bici Crono

F-'d up Sugino


from fixedgearbikes.blogspot.

the author said, "The story behind this is that the crank was tightened way too tight at the assembly plant from which Specialized gets it's Langsters. I stripped threads with a long wrench extension and then proceeded with a hacksaw.
The BB spindle is in excellent condition. Not a single scratch from the saw blade!"

im going to take care of mine better from now on

Fixed Green Trailer

the Congkak/ South Beach queen is at it!
Let's keep Bandung Fixed Green!

Major Taylor's movie

well, it's not a trailer but since no cast or release date are pubished yet, might as well check on the official website for more info

Fixed Gear Vilnius


still from Inga.
after i told her that the kind of bike that im specializing in, she reffered me to the FGV blog.

it's a pretty nice spot they got in Vilnia. not to mention Lithuania is one of the country I'd like to visit the MOST!

From Lithuania

Inga, a friend of mine from last year summer school in German noticed my hiperness for cycling recently
the warm hearted soul showed me a video of... err, "Cinematic cycling experience"? i wish i know how to speak the tongue


this is an event from our architecture friends at Universitas Parahyangan, there's a nite ride afterwards.
looking forward to ride with our friends from Crank Arm Steady, Singapore.
see you soon.

Hub Review : ICE

hi! i've been riding for a few months and currently using a hub with ICE brand.
it's actually a 28h custom drilled to 36h, dunno whose the manufacturer.
what i know that it uses loose bearing, have one side for freewheel, and the other side is actually for a disc brake.

My current setup is 53t - 20t, it actually takes a toll on the hub. needs to be checked each month for cone adjustment . but over all, it is quite a good hub for daily use.

As you can see in the video, it doesn't roll like it used to.. hehe. :)
some people i know are using them for trick, and find no meaningful problem.
with the price range of 70k - 150k (depends on who you bought it from), i say it's a good hub.

So if you're just starting to ride fixed gear, from indonesia and reading this post, i recommend this hub.

Vitus Pursuit. indonesia punya.

Well people, guess what. a vitus pursuit was found on a storage building somewhere in indonesia.
built to be a track bicycle once again, with some great parts.

Frame : Vitus 979 Pursuit
Seatpost : Nitto 65
Saddle : Araya Shilpit R
Stem : Nitto 100
Headset : Campagnolo Brev Int
Bar : Nitto 400mm
Crankset : Dura Ace 7600
Pedal : MKS RX1
Front: Araya Super Aero 650c laced to Shimano 600 hub
Rear : Araya Disc

source :

The congkak - kicked spin/keo

Hi there, take a look at this video. and learn.

Dura Ace vs Campagnolo



Which one is better??

Bike lane? Why not car lane?


This is a proof how people in Australia consider about cycling..
You can find those picture on the bike lane..
Btw,why don't they put them on the car lane?

What the...


from here

no offense, im a fans of Rat-Rod kulture, BUT
DEAR GOD, Blessed were whoever owns this beauty..

MASH SF with Lance Armstrong

My favourite crew, MASH SF bringing out their MASH destructive skills in Austin, Texas with7 times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong

i wish i could ride that fast here..

Kim Wilde- Kids in america


My morning ride song!

I love dust's illustration


found some really nice bicycle illustration by I Love Dust, UK
these arts are available here

Hellaflush thing...


from here

i've been seeing some guys from local car scene doing this kinds of builds around my town; loathsome rims, low, and interestingly, a bicycle rack!
the sightings has got me thinking into doing the same thing to my 2004 Volkswagon Golf(currently retired, what's with the fixie around :D) because i want to ride my bike elsewhere that is far, far away...

maybe, just maybe

Mosers(found variously on the web)


again with my pursuit fetish... beautiful.
and im wondering if "moser" has something to do with the classic road cyclist Francesco Moser..



noo, it's not about THE end of the world, and definitely not the end of me..
before im continuing with my writing, i want you so-called "Hipster" to braced yourself...


im not sure you're ready.. but i've read this article about "walmart fixie", the article is about a "fixie" that is (obviously, you'd already figured it out) produced by Mongoose(all you old-school BMX rider, ring a bell?) and is on sale on walmart... well, "sale" might be the right word, taken from the same site; "The frame is aluminum, which should make this bike lighter than many home-grown steel fixed-gears (although the shipping weight is a back-breaking 40-pounds. That must be a heavy cardboard box). It has two “calipur” brakes, and “high-profile colored rims” which “add urban style.”" and it's selling on $150

so what does this have to do with THE END?

a fixie, a hipster accessory, sold on walmart, for cheap--- imagine the uncoolness

Colnago Master Track 1979 Prototype


as i said to musterpiece, i will pledge my soul to the devil for this!

from here

Vans Supercorsa


found this looks cycling friendly @ Highsnobiety
well, this means... forget Vans Fixie i'd say



darn, im too far...

Joker's Daughter- Lucid video


Joker's Daughter- Lucid from Hayley Morris on Vimeo.

"A music video I directed and animated for Joker's Daughter. A collaboration between Helena Costas and Danger Mouse.

This video was completely handmade using painted paper puppets, painted backgrounds and actual objects which I animated frame by frame on a 6 level multi-plane." He said

well, the word "hand made" always sounds good to me!

more here


i declare this: "SUPER PORN"

Cadence Track Stand Variation

as you (might) already noticed, i hang out with Fixed Gear Congkak crew.. and if you watch my older post(their video), you'll see that most of them are trickster.
Me, im riding fixie just for commuting, speed is necessary as i ride kilo-metres away every day from home to campus and work.
the problem is, whenever i hang out with the Congkaks, all i can do is nothing but trackstand.
and so i caught myself browsing Youtube and found this..

3 Rensho Pursuit frame

i always have something for a pursuit bike!
a friend of mine from Fixie Congkak ride on a black pursuit tomashini and it got me browsing all day long on google, keywords: pursuit frames
i also have a certain fascination on 3Rensho frame's crazed geometry. too bad they don't produce no more..

now look what i found on the web..

Media Recognition


Now i know why these people keeps asking around in junction..

Hitler's fixed gear bike ride in danger


funny as heck!

Ms. Victoria Pandleton

in my opinion, Victoria Pandelton is the hottest olympians i've ever seen.

quoted from the Cycling Info, UK; "her French Canadian coach as being unsuited for cycling; on meeting her, he said “You’re too skinny, too puny to be a sprint cyclist.”, Victoria Pendleton has gone onto win 3 world Championships, and is currently one of the world’s leading female track cyclists."

Fixed Gear Congkak


these are the guys who i ride with!
check more of them here

Touching everything

and so i'm back to square one, the last blog i made was..well, something that somewhat random; too random in fact that i decided to delete it.

found myself stuck with new interest interest at the moment; riding track bikes on the street. Yep, you heard it right, i caught what these people these days call a "fixie fever".
though i live in a town(well, it's a city, but i decided to call it town since there's only one tall building that i know of here) where the traffics sucks: people don't drive in straight lines; public transport being famous for being a bastard; they sale motorcycles too cheap here you can see a swarm of them and; i think they want to make this town an offroad destinations, leaving potholes(big ones) alone and do nothing to them. still, Me and some other guys dare this dump and still we ride.

well, i was planning to make this blog a stict-fixie-only content, but i got love for my older hobbies such as The Blues, The Arts, The Trips, and all sort of randomness i see, saw, and sought. beside, there are so many interesting stuff in the world i'll die in curiousity if i didn't touch everything.