Media Recognition


Now i know why these people keeps asking around in junction..

Hitler's fixed gear bike ride in danger


funny as heck!

Ms. Victoria Pandleton

in my opinion, Victoria Pandelton is the hottest olympians i've ever seen.

quoted from the Cycling Info, UK; "her French Canadian coach as being unsuited for cycling; on meeting her, he said “You’re too skinny, too puny to be a sprint cyclist.”, Victoria Pendleton has gone onto win 3 world Championships, and is currently one of the world’s leading female track cyclists."

Fixed Gear Congkak


these are the guys who i ride with!
check more of them here

Touching everything

and so i'm back to square one, the last blog i made was..well, something that somewhat random; too random in fact that i decided to delete it.

found myself stuck with new interest interest at the moment; riding track bikes on the street. Yep, you heard it right, i caught what these people these days call a "fixie fever".
though i live in a town(well, it's a city, but i decided to call it town since there's only one tall building that i know of here) where the traffics sucks: people don't drive in straight lines; public transport being famous for being a bastard; they sale motorcycles too cheap here you can see a swarm of them and; i think they want to make this town an offroad destinations, leaving potholes(big ones) alone and do nothing to them. still, Me and some other guys dare this dump and still we ride.

well, i was planning to make this blog a stict-fixie-only content, but i got love for my older hobbies such as The Blues, The Arts, The Trips, and all sort of randomness i see, saw, and sought. beside, there are so many interesting stuff in the world i'll die in curiousity if i didn't touch everything.